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ANSA is a nonprofit association and has as its mission to represent and defend the rights of the Azores Lifeguards, respecting the ideals of society as regards the duties of the Lifeguard and have a good relationship with all Portuguese entities, thus collaborating with the Portuguese Maritime Authority, the Castaway Rescue Institute, Firemen, Civil Protection, the Portuguese Federation of Lifeguards and other entities.


In the summer of 2009 was born in the Azores the idea of creating an Association of Lifeguards, was once just a dream, then was gaining strength as the tiny group of Lifeguards was increasing and was finally able to take the idea to travel. This group was made up with formed elements in different areas and all with the idea that the Azores needed an entity to represent and defend the interests of Lifeguards, as until that moment had never been an entity that seeks to create better conditions for them and stand their function at the highest level. The only association of this kind in the Azores was founded on December 23, 2009 on São Miguel island, with the desire to expand in the future gradually to other Azorean islands.


Promote the activity of the Lifeguard and their training, improve their professional knowledge, create conditions for them to improve their fitness and their water rescue techniques, develop a sense of responsibility, cooperation and mutual help, campaigning of beach safety awareness in the Azorean society and its schools, disseminate and develop pedagogical actions so people can understand the objectives set by ANSA.

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