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The course is theoretical, theoretical-practical and practical nature, including teaching practice and simulated practice, thus contributing to the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills that prepare students for the performance of their duties in a professional manner as Lifeguard.

The technical training component follows the Law Num. 68/2014 of 29 August. According to Article 4 of that law, "Lifeguard" is the person entitled to the Lifeguard course certificate or recognized by the ISN, which is responsible, in addition to professional specific technical contents inform, prevent, rescue and provide basic life support in any circumstance in bathing beaches, concession areas, swimming pools and other places where water practices occur with mandatory supervision. 

ANSA aims to  advertise and check all the courses that ISN minister in the Azores. ANSA will inform about the dates of lifeguard courses, the islands and the registration periods, as well as will help to any member comrade forwarding his career as a lifeguard in the Azores. This disclosure does not take away the individual responsibility of the lifeguard to stay informed.

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